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RestGeo is a website newest in its profile. It has been created by the team of young but already experienced like-minded people who are very fond of travelling, and just like to have fun. The routine of life increases the desire to travel. Wherever you live – in Ukraine or abroad - if you are planning a trip, you’re in the right place – we are willing to show you the most interesting places. You can travel with us in various ways, and, in particular, in that which is the best for you. With us, you will travel to historical, cultural, and religious sights with their unique authenticity, try the local cuisine, meet the locals, and visit the local events. The purpose of the website site is to gather and adapt information on sites, tourism and leisure. The information is available for free to those who plan their travel and leisure independently. Choosing the itinerary, the fullest and the most reliable information can be found here. The website is created so that you can leave your feedback after having a good time thanks to the information you've found here. Our main idea is to provide full and diverse information which can help you feel at home anywhere on the planet. When planning a trip to your taste and at your discretion, everyone knows he depends on the charts and the internal rules of tour operators. Whatever you want, you can choose it yourself so it will meet your needs and capabilities. The RestGeo website is for all ages – children, students, youth, groups, couples, families with children, and foreigners. Self-organisation is the foundation of your successful holiday.

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